Your first question might be "what is a cat café?".  That's what I was asked as I stumbled across The Tipsy Tabby Facebook page.  Let me explain.

A cat café is a place to go and spend time in the comfort of kitties. It's a café for cat lovers, but more than that, it's a place to meet, eat, and drink with fellow cat people. It's a café for like-minded people to gather. Isn't' that what a dog park is, too? Sure it is, except cats are often indoor pets, so the idea of a cat café is really about the personalities of cats and people.

Jari Hytonen via unsplash
Jari Hytonen via unsplash

The Tipsy Tabby website tells us more about how this Newmarket, NH, idea came to life.  As the only cat cafe in New Hampshire, it will be a unique part of the Granite State. Here's the story.

"A dream in the making, The Tipsy Tabby will combine our favorite things; hot chocolate, tea and cats! After living her best life working at a veterinary dentistry practice in Metro Atlanta, our founder Kaitlyn has returned home so she can pursue her dream of opening a cat cafe."

All of the cats at The Tipsy Tabby will be up for adoption from Cat Tales Rescue, a non-profit in Seabrook, NH. Patrons can enjoy the cats snuggling up to them or looking for a treat of love.  You may even get attached to one of your furry friends and bring them home.

​The website goes on to say, "The beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire will play perfect host to the powerfully fun and healing space a cat cafe can be. Settling in the thriving little mill town of Newmarket, The Tipsy Tabby is taking on the odds to provide New Hampshire its very first cat cafe!"

​The Tipsy Tabby will offer hot chocolate of all kinds, a cacophony of teas, and fresh, local baked goods.  They will also offer a catnip bar and act as a catnip dispensary, with the ability to make custom blends of catnip, catmint, and other herbs. They'll carry handmade cat toys and accessories.

Have a look at the construction progress.  The Facebook page says the café hopes to be open in the summer, so let's hope that's not a cat tale. The only other cat café in New England is in Connecticut, so good luck, Tipsy Tabby. We're rooting for you.

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