Tom Brady is getting roasted on Twitter for the release of his “new immunity blend” supplement according to  Do you think It's deserved?  Releasing a supplement that offers to boost your immunity system during a pandemic seems a little predatory and, well greedy, in addition to insensitive.  Kind of like he wants to be behind this super healthy brand and promote this product and to help keep your immunity boosted, but just because you take this supplement doesn’t mean you are going to look like Tom Brady and fight off the coronavirus with your bare hands.


I am exceptionally sensitive to this kind of marketing; I will admit it.  I read an article that Tom Brady only uses pink Himalayan salt in his diet.  I went out and bought this extra expensive salt and SHOCKER, it didn’t make me look like Tom Brady nor did it cancel out the two bags of Oreo’s that I washed down with whole milk.  In Brady’s defense, neither he or his company, is making any claims that it will protect you from COVID-19.  The timing is irresponsible.  People took to Twitter to scold the GOAT according to with comments such as @nedsfeed “Tom if I take this can I go outside without a mask thanks.”  And @Hey_Brian “will this stir well with my snake oil.”


According to, the cost of the supplement “VitalFit™ x TB12™ Protect” is $45.  There is a note with the announcement that “due to circumstances beyond our control related to COVID-19, orders containing this item may take an additional 3-5 business days.”  His timing could not be worse.  I expected better from him.  Don’t prey on people during a pandemic. For the record, I'm not a believer in vitamins, supplements, etc. Here's another scam organic stuff.



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