Oh my god. If these reports of retirement are true, I think I just heard Gisele scream with joy all the way in Florida.

According to ESPN, Tom Brady is finally hanging up his helmet after 22 seasons in the NFL. But it seems there also are some conflicting reports that refute that fact... for now.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Sources in the ESPN report say the former New England Patriots quarterback started getting into the retirement mindset and preparing this announcement after the Buccaneers' season-ending loss against the LA Rams last week.

Tom took to Instagram after the game and posted about gratitude:

"....I always want to win, I think that’s pretty apparent by now, but that doesn’t mean I equate losing to failure, especially when you go out fighting the way we did.. There’s so much to appreciate in a season like this when you’re surrounded by a team that believes in each other, and plays for the people standing on either side of them."

What would Tom Brady's reasons be for retiring? 

Sources in the ESPN report say the decision is based on several factors, including family and health.

What will he do now?

Brady plans to spend more time with his family and shift his focus to new endeavors, sources said.

The article states that the 44-year-old quarterback never wanted a "farewell season", so springing this news on us after the Buccs season ended is pretty on brand.

However, there are conflicting reports to the ESPN story mentioned above.

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted out a statement from Tom Brady's agent that doesn't exactly confirm the retirement reports:

Also, according to a tweet from sportswriter Mike Silver, Tom Brady has contacted the Buccs GM and has said he hasn't made a decision on retiring.

And what's more, it seems that Tom Brady's own dad is refuting the retirement reports, per a tweet from reporter Mike Giardi:

So is Tom retiring? Maybe. Maybe not.

I guess until the GOAT makes the official announcement himself, we'll have to wait and see.

Either way, Tom Brady, you are and will always be the greatest quarterback of all time. We were lucky to have you as a New England Patriot for as long as we did. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it. You've earned it!

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