If you want to be the greatest quarterback of all time and marry a supermodel, put down that Coffee Frappuccino. That's the only thing holding you back.

I'm not even sure how this is possible, but Boston.com reports that Tom Brady had never tried coffee. Given his strict dietary standards these days, it isn't a surprise that he avoids the stuff now. The dude is very particular (read: kind of crazy) about what he ingests these days and I guess you can't argue the results. He wasn't always that way.

During his rookie season with the New England Patriots, he ate nachos before every game (and not some kale version of nachos either). Never grabbed an iced regular from Dunks en route to Gillette to wash it down, Tom? You'd have figured he sipped a hot cup from Ann Arbor staple Mighty Good Coffee en route to an early practice during his college years in Michigan. Maybe he was a Red Bull guy? How can anyone exist in college without caffeine?


The take home, of course, is that you can survive a weekly beating from the world's best athletes, hook up with the hottest woman in the world and sell Uggs in your free time if you'd only stop drinking coffee. Hmm. Nope, not worth it.