In his latest social media post, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time announced it was time to 'ride off into the sunset.'

'The only reason I've been playing 19 years is to get to that 1,000 yards, and I did it, so that's it, I'm out," Brady said. "Time to ride off into the sunset.'

He, of course, was joking because seconds later, he said it was time to get back to work. The one-thousand yards that he refers to in the video below is the 1,000 career rushing yards that took him 19 years to accomplish. He did show in the New England Patriots 24-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings last week.

Sheesh, TB12, please don't play with your fans like that. We all know that eventually, the day will come when you'll hang up your cleats for good, but until that day actually arrives, please don't toy with Patriots Nation that way!

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