You have to think a guy like Tom Brady, at least on the surface, doesn't really have many regrets. You can't say that he regrets leaving the Pats, because they've definitely struggled ever since he left.

You could probably say he regrets splitting with his ex-girlfriend-turned-mother-of-his-first-child, Bridget Moynahan, back in the day while she was pregnant, but even that had a way of working out for the best. Who wants to bring a child into the world in a relationship that's on the rocks, and then have that type of broken relationship be the one that teaches a child lessons?

Or how about the fact that he basically chose football over his family during 2022, first announcing his retirement this past February, only to turn around and say LOL JUST KIDDING I'M STILL PLAYING 6 weeks later.

Which makes this sit-down interview with Michael Strathan from last year almost laughable, considering he was discussing his football and family balance. And we know how that one went for him...

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