Top honors go to Newmarket, New Hampshire, coffee shop Horseshoe Café. is reporting the café, after only about 3 years in business, was recognized by Food & Wine magazine. Owners Nori and Sarah Kozuma didn’t crack the top ten, but they aim to and based on their work ethic, I think they will get there.

It all starts with the beans, the news site states, as Nori's hand sorts the coffee beans. That’s right, one by one. One bad bean can spoil the brew.

Seacoastonline quotes Sarah: “People don’t always think about how their coffee should taste because the way we drink it is so ubiquitous."  She continues, “Any defective beans will affect how the coffee tastes, so the quality of the beans in the coffee is a very important thing to be thinking about given how much coffee we drink.”

The couple has no plans to expand to other locations and instead want to keep their focus on making the Horseshoe Café the best it can be, according to the news site. They offer high-quality coffee and local foods sourcing almost all ingredients from local dairies and farms.

Sarah told, “Our goal is to make the best coffee so we can help make Newmarket a destination in the Seacoast area by supporting all the businesses here.”

Sounds like Sarah and Nori have the right business plan.

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