Apparently, dumping 24 gallons of gasoline on a baseball field might actually make playing conditions worse.

According to 7 News Boston, officials in the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut cite a “poor decision” for an attempt at drying a local baseball field by pouring 24 gallons of gasoline onto the area and setting it on fire.

A ball game was to be played, and with typical April weather throwing a curve-ball (come on now, that's clever!) a decision was made to dry the field with the not-so traditional method of setting it...on fire...with 24 gallons of gasoline.

Oh hey, it didn't work. In a Facebook posting, the town wrote “Thanks to the RFD, Peter Hill the Director of Public Works, DEEP, the RPD, and our Certified Spill Response team for their incredible help,” the town wrote. “No one was injured and no one is in danger. The plan is to excavate the infield, place dirt in a safe container, and add fresh, clean soil to the field.”

Smooth move, guys. The field is expected to be closed for the week so that testing can be completed.


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