Rush hour traffic is the worst in America, and fewer people are taking the "T."

Even if individual commuting creates major gridlock, people aren't flocking to Boston's public transportation system. However, discounted rates won't be a way to entice ridership. If fact, according to, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is on track to increase fares 6.3 percent systemwide in July.

Opponents point to raising the gas tax or toll rates as ways to deter car commuting, and move them to public transportation, which is something Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker remains opposed to. Instead, he has pointed to improving service. Last year, he stated “I believe that if you invest in the core systems so that the T is the reliable, dependable service it’s supposed to be, people will maybe say, ‘I should get out of my car."

According to, The proposed increase calls for 15 cents more for a subway trip, bringing the price to $2.40, and $5.50 more for monthly bus and subway passes. The biggest increase, $25 a month, would be for those who already pay the most: commuter rail riders.

It would be the fourth MBTA fare increase since 2012.

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