The first time I saw an upside down tree, I was mesmerized, blinking over and over in disbelief at the beauty.

I had walked into the Liberty Hotel in Boston with friends, and you couldn't help but look up at the sight.  I wondered if it was some type of new trend, or just a very creative staff at the hotel.  Either way, it was spectacular.

Then I researched if upside down trees are actually for sale, and sure enough, they are available at many retailers like Kohls, Lowes, Amazon, and others, including a tree stand.

Upside down tree via
Upside down tree via

According to, there are a number of reasons why Christmas celebrations might include an upside down tree, in addition to the "wow" factor.

Parents might be wary of young children in the home, grabbing at ornaments.  The same goes for curious pets running around the tree.  You can hang a tree from the ceiling or buy a stand specifically made to hold the top of the tree in place at the base.

Liberty Hotel Boston via Facebook
A Wedding amidst the upside down trees at the Liberty Hotel Boston via Facebook

What is the origin of this trending design? says that in the Middle Ages, it was a dedication to the Holy Trinity for religious purposes, but also helped with little houses and small spaces, which were common in lower class homes. The tree was hung from the rafters upside down.

It's also believed that St. Boniface, a Benedictine monk, used the tree to teach pagans about the Holy Trinity.

The trend became hot again, when Ariana Grande posted this on Instagram.

Either way, if you want to make a wow statement in your home this holiday season, give your tree a flip and see everyone's eyes light up.

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