According to WMUR's meteorologist Hayley Lapoint, tropical Storm Isaías started in the Bahamas but is heading in our direction.

The reason it is a tropical storm and not a hurricane? The wind speeds have reduced to below hurricane level. This storm will head up Florida's east coast, then along North Carolina, before heading towards us in the northeast, the news station reported.

WMUR states that as of now the storm is predicted to arrive in the Granite State early Tuesday morning and make most of its impact in the wee hours on Wednesday. The impacts will change as they continue to track to the storm.

But as of now it is looking like heavy rain and gusty winds, nothing we can't handle!


Also it has been very dry here in New Hampshire for the past few weeks so as Luke Bryan once said, "rain is a good thing".

I had to chuckle at Hayley Lapoint's post on Facebook on Sunday. This Tropical Storm is a doozy to pronounce! She has a pronunciation key below the camera but having to pronounce that tricky word on live TV is a little daunting!

Cant we just call it tropical storm "I" to make everyone's lives a little easier? Also, who gets to name these storms?

I've never seen a Tropical Storm Kira and that would be pretty cool. I'd prefer to not have a Hurricane Kira in case it really caused some damage. I'd hate for my name to have a negative connotation.

Keep your eye on the WMUR Facebook page as the storm approached and also watch the Storm Watch 9 team for all of the updates.


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