Hint: the NFL and NHL are the top leagues! Oh wait, that really isn't much of a hint at all.

You see, the "F" in Ireland's National Football League refers to Gaelic football. It shares many more similarities with soccer and rugby than the football we're familiar with in the states, but it is a fun sport to watch once you get the hang of it. Here is a healthy taste of it.

Did the game confuse you a little bit with all those unfamiliar rules? Then you need to check out Irish people watching American football for the first time, because that's just hilarious. When you grow up watching the game, it is easy to forget how many idiosyncrasies there are. Frankly, this reminds me of watching football with my wife.

Now as far as the NHL goes, you'd be right in suspecting that the NHL in Ireland has nothing to do with ice hockey.

Hurling, the fastest field sport in the world, is a big deal in Ireland. Take the game of field hockey, throw in elements of lacrosse, and do whatever it takes to make it more violent: now you're on your way to what hurling is all about. If you're going to familiarize yourself with one Irish sport on this St. Patrick's Day, this is the one.

There is your primer on the two most popular sports in all of Ireland. Now when you happen to meet someone who actually hails from Ireland, you can talk sport whilst sharing a round of Guinness!


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