The countdown for the Academy of Country Music Awards is on, and Tyler Farr wants your votes! And apparently, the singer knows country fans can't say no to cute kids.

A funny video clip -- which is just like those silly AT&T commercials -- finds Farr sitting at a table with four youngsters around him. The singer calls on the kids to help him figure out ways to get votes, also asking them what they think the abbreviation 'ACM' means.

"A cage full of monkeys," one little girl says, giggling.

Farr considers this explanation before hilariously adding, "That's pretty much what it is. That's pretty accurate."

The 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar' singer -- a semi-finalist for New Artist of the Year at the 2015 ACMs -- is hopeful that he'll make it into the finals, but he can't do it alone. What better way to brainstorm ideas than by asking kids?

"If you give everyone a teacup pomeranian," one suggests as a means of bribery. "They're cute, they're fluffy."

Other kids offer Farr a more classic approach to snagging ACM votes, because even they realize it's all about the music (and the dance moves).

"You write the best song ever and then the awesomest dance ever," a little girl says, showing off her dance skills. All of the kids start to shake it, giving Farr a few pointers. Will it be enough to send him into the final tally?

Stay tuned ...

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