During my Monday morning Facebook scroll, I saw something that caught my attention.

Instead of the weekend tourists flooding my newsfeed with pictures downtown, I saw some of the most wholesome and local content I could ask for.

A new member to the "(un)official City of Portsmouth, NH" Facebook page posted this message: "Hello. We are a family from Ukraine with two kids 2 and 4 years old. We will move to New Hampshire in May. My husband will work in Portsmouth. Please recommend us childcare for kids in this area."

The woman's name is Yuliia Sych. I do not know much of the story other than what was posted. She is a mother from Ukraine, and now part of our community in Portsmouth and the greater Seacoast area. Her husband will be working in Portsmouth, and they need our help.

The responses are what warmed my heart. Within a day, over 150 comments were made on this Facebook post. Most were helpful suggestions to benefit Sych and her family.

I wanted to highlight a few to show what kind of community we have here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Many gave Sych and family legitimate suggestions on finding childcare:

  • Tristan Shanley: "Little Blessings, Great Bay Kids, Kindercare , Seacoast community school, little clippers. Most have waitlists but I would suggest calling if you can, we all have your country in our thoughts and prayers. My twins went to Little Blessings 3 months of age to 5! Safe travels"
  • Janet L. Groat: "Welcome to our community! My son went to Seacoast Community School and it was great for him. Child care in the U.S. is very expensive, although sometimes families can get support. Please feel free to post here for things you need. There are many generous people in Portsmouth."
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Others welcomed Yuliia Sych and family to the community in other capacities including personal offers:

  • Linda Bowser: "Welcome to our Community! Everyone I know is holding Your Country, and people in their hearts! We are devastated for all of you, cheering with every positive win, and absolutely overwhelmed with admiration for all the beautiful qualities we see in your citizens! Welcome, and may you travel safely."
  • Jenny Laden Viscarolasaga: "I’ve heard great things about the others mentioned, especially Seacoast Community School. Also, feel free to add me as a friend. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can when you arrive. Welcome!!"
  • Veronica Ava Conley: I don't have recommendations for childcare, but I have a very social two and a half year old that would love friends and my husband and I would love to welcome you to the area!
  • Maria Korogodsky: Hi Yulia! I'm also from Ukraine (Kharkiv), though we moved away when I was just 3... I speak Russian well (unfortunately not Ukrainian). We live very close to NH in ME. Feel free to private message me if you would like to connect!
    As for daycare, we were very happy with Little Tree (in Dover or Madbury) - my now 9 year old went, and we will be sending our new baby there as well."
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I overjoyed to see community members going above and beyond and connecting Yuliia Sych and family directly to resources that could help immediately:

  • Sarah Gatchell: "Welcome! Our wonderful neighbor is Ukrainian as well so I’m tagging him into the conversation. At the very least I’m sure having a native language speaker/ connection would be helpful and welcome. Dmitri, check out the thread."
  • Megan Stelzer: "Welcome! I know how expensive it is to move. If you ever find yourselves in a tight spot financially, take advantage of Gather (they have mobile markets) and Seacoast Fridge Neither requires ID or food stamps, so it’s great for temporary relief. This goes for anyone else who’s reading, too. Or anyone who has a little extra food can put it into the fridge, too(no raw meat or expired food allowed)."

There is no doubt in my mind that Yuliia Sych is still in need of help. If you or anyone you know has a connection to help get this family childcare, please help. Reach out to her via Facebook and help her into our community.

I was so proud to be a part of the Portsmouth community when I saw how many were willing to help this woman. The truth is, this family is going to need continued support. I hope whoever is able to help steps up.

Well done, Portsmouth!

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