It’s great to get out and enjoy the outdoors and more and more people are staying closer to home on their outings.

Sadly, 3 people have died in hiking and rock-climbing incidents in the White Mountains in just 6 days, according to

The White Mountains are immensely popular hiking and rock-climbing destinations in our area.

An unidentified man died after a fall last Saturday near Arethusa Falls reports New Hampshire Fish and Game to

The man was hiking with friends when he went ahead to the top of the falls.  When his friends caught up to the top, they discovered their hiking companion had fallen and sadly did not survive, according to the article.

The day before, a man died while rock climbing on a route known as the “Dead Sea Equestrian,” the news station reported. The cause of the fall was due to what may have been, according to his climbing partner, a “catastrophic equipment failure,” according to

Benjamin Kessel, an experienced rock climber, died after a bolder dislodged and his climbing rope was cut while climbing Cannon Cliff, the news station reported.

These tragic deaths come as the White Mountains are experiencing a very busy season who local officials chalk up to the pandemic.  More and more people are trying to get outside and avoid crowds.

New Hampshire Fish and Game are urging people to be cautious.  Check your equipment, review safety literature, and make sure you have the appropriate gear.  Even when you are prepared for everything and have the experience, accidents can happen.

Let’s be extra safe out there.

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