What goes better than ice cream, social activism, and Colin Kaepernick?  It drops in early 2021 and gives us something to look forward to.  According to sports.yahoo.com, Colin Kaepernick has teamed up with Vermont Ice Cream Company Ben & Jerry’s to launch a new flavor called ‘Change the Whirled.’  And don’t worry, it’s also VEGAN!  The flavor will feature something of almost everything including caramel, sunflower butter base, fudge chips, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate cookie swirls.  What else could you want in an ice cream flavor? OMG, now I seriously have the taste for some Ice Cream even it's 12 degrees out.


Jay Curley, global head of marketing for Ben & Jerry’s told Fast Company as reported by sports.yahoo.com “This is a full-time favor…. Delicious ice cream, joyful packaging that honors a man whose words and actions have love rooted in it.  Do we expect this to change everyone’s mind?  Of course not. But it can open up conversations and, to a degree, challenge people's thinking that spread the actual message Colin is talking about and the Know Your Rights Foundation is working on.

Per a post on Kaepernick’s Twitter post, he says “Today, we’re excited to introduce Change the Whirled, a new-nondairy flavor that hits the shelves in early-2021!”  And in typical Kaepernick style, he states “100% of my proceeds will go right to @yourrightscamp with matching support from Ben & Jerry’s.”  It was interesting to find out from yahoo sports reporting that Kaepernick is vegan, a fact I did not know.  Can ice cream change the world?  It’s worth a try.






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