When you think of “Maine” you think about lobsters, you really just can’t help it. Whether you’re a Mainer yourself, a loyal tourist or you’ve never even stepped foot in our state, you know Maine is all about the lobstah.

Another thing we are known for, especially here in Portland, is our iconic culinary scene. It feels like every day there is a new spot opening in town, adding to our never-ending list of top-rated restaurants, eateries, and bars.

That’s another thing about Mainers… We like to drink.

Video of a Bartending Lobster

With so many restaurants and bars scattered across our state and overflowing in Portland, you really need to differentiate yourself from the others and sell yourself as to why your doors are the ones we should be walking through for a cocktail or meal. Why should I go to your restaurant and not one of the other 500 hundred others within walking distance?

Allow this viral video on Twitter to inspire you:

Now THAT is how a drink should be served up in Maine.

First off, look at the claws on that thing. That sucker is an absolute unit.

But seriously, imagine you’re a tourist visiting Maine and you order a cocktail and a freaking lobster garnishes it for you. That would be the most “Maine” thing ever. I may be easily entertained but I could watch a lobster bartend for hours on end and not get bored. Picture it with a little bowtie on or something… come on.

Plus, a lot of places are struggling hiring people so you could just exploit lobster labor.

I don’t know, I’ve never managed a restaurant but I do know a million-dollar idea when I see one.

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