It's hard not to love Rob Gronkowski no matter who you root for in the National Football League. Not just because he's a great player...but because he's an awesome human being. Unlike a lot of guys who play in the NFL, Gronk isn't all about the bling, or the fancy cars, and the big houses.

Rob's been in the league since 2010. And in all that time, he never spent a nickle of the money he's earned playing football. Like a good boy saving his birthday money, Gronk has stashed away all that cash for a rainy day. He lives modestly off his endorsement dough. Of course all that dough isn't anything to sneeze at.

But now it appears as if all that just changed. On the web show Kneading Dough, Gronk said he recently bought himself something expensive with his earnings...a shiny new chain.

Although he claims he's never been a "jewelry guy", his friend had a chain he thought was really cool. The guy let him wear it to a party, and Gronk said it "made me feel good." So he decided to dip into his savings and buy one of his own.

He showed it off recently. Saying, "I love this puppy. Now I know why people got jewelry. Now I understand why."

You go Gronk. Enjoy that chain.


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