A one year old had CPR performed on her after a Boston Police cruiser ran over her Monday night.

According to NECN, around 7pm last night on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury, Mass, a toddler was struck by a Boston Police cruiser. The one year old is now recovering after being taken to the hospital.

You can see in the above video that bystanders were quick to rush to the scene. Witnesses were extremely concerned for the girl since, as she appeared unconscious.The man wearing a yellow T-shirt rushed to the child to help, administering CPR. The child reportedly began crying afterwards, and was then placed in an ambulance. Amazingly, the child's only injury was a broken collarbone. She was treated at an area hospital. According to NECN, the victim's mother "She's doing OK. She’s doing all right."

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross released a statement reading in part "Investigators continue to investigate this incident, although preliminary findings are leading to this being an accident. The Boston Police Department works hard everyday to keep residents safe, and I can tell you that this is any police officers' worst nightmare. I ask for everyone to keep the young girl and her family in our thoughts as she recovers."


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