It's hard to believe I have lived in New England for 30 years and have NEVER experienced an Ice Bar. What glacier have I been living under? I am not one for Winter sports but when it comes to drinking adult beverages in cool locations, that is an activity I could really excel at!

According to, for two weeks in January, The Glacier Ice Bar and Lounge in Rockport, Maine comes to life. They use 20,000 pounds of clear ice to craft this bad boy so you won't find anything like it in the state! The furniture is made of ice but don't worry, the seats are covered in lambs wool so you won't freeze your tushy off. Oh, and the signature cocktails they concoct are sure to warm your bones.

According to the site, the Glacier Ice Bar and Lounge will be open are January 24th to 25th and again from January 31st to February 1st. I know most people want to schedule ski weekends in the Winter, but I'd like to schedule an ice bar weekend and I hope that no one judges me for it. If you want to grab your tickets or get some more info, follow them on Facebook!

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