Kira will make an appointment for a cut and color at the winning salon!

I am embarrassed to admit this but I will tell you because we are friends. I haven't had my hair cut or colored in four months. The problem is I had a hair salon and a girl I LOVED in Portland Maine but it's kind of a far drive just for a hair appointment so I have been avoiding it.

But it's time! My ends are splitting like no other and I have been embracing my roots growing out, hoping I am pulling off the "ombre look" but I think I have let it go too far.

Since you (the listeners) were so helpful last week when I was deciding what Seacoast bar to break my dry February at, I thought I would turn to you again for this important decision in my life.

If you have a salon and stylist that you go to and love then please vote for them below! I will make an appointment at the winning salon. The only stipulation is it has to be within a half hour driving distance from Dover NH.

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