Let’s Show the World How it’s Done in New England


I have written before about Lynda Doughty of Maine and her dedication to marine animal rescue.  The Marine Mammals of Maine non-profit keeps her busy rescuing animals that have been hurt along the coast of Maine.  Doughty spoke to CNN when the pandemic began, “we are the only organization that’s permitted to respond to marine mammal stranding’s within 2,500 miles of coastline.”  Her work is important to the marine mammals in Maine that find themselves in trouble.


Growing Up by the Sea


Doughty grew up on Maine’s coast and from an early age, she fell in love with the wildlife.  She spent many nights as a kid dreaming about what the seals were doing at night and wanting to learn more.  She carried her lifelong interest into a career by becoming a marine biologist when she grew up.  Then she used her skills and knowledge to help wildlife in Maine.  It's not just seals that she responds to.  Her non-profit also responds to a 24-hour hotline about sea turtles, whales, and dolphins.


Recognition that She Deserves


If you want to boost her profile and help the Marine Mammals of Maine, you can do so by voting for her on the CNN website.  Voting is live now and on December 12 CNN will announce their Hero of the Year with their annual special All-Star Tribute.  Lynda Doughty is already in the top 10 so go over to the website and give her a vote.  I bet every sea turtle and seal in Maine would be voting if they didn’t just have flippers.  It’s nice to see her hard work and dedication to helping Maine.





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