Boston native Mark Wahlberg not only has a hugely successful acting career but a thriving burger business.

Wahlburger's burger empire started in Massachusetts and there are now locations across the country.  Mark's brother Paul set out to create a very unique family restaurant and it's been wildly successful.

If you've ever eaten at a Wahlburger's, you know there is an extensive burger menu as well as amazing sloppy joes, tater tots, frappes, and so much more!

Now, according to, one of their "secret ingredients", the incredible Wahl-sauce will be available in grocery stores nationwide!

It won't be available in New England just yet.  Masslive says the rollout will start in Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I feel like they should have started in Massachusetts where the original Wahlburger's began, but I'm sure it will get here soon enough!

Wahlburger's became so popular that they had a reality show on A&E that ran for 10 seasons from 2014-2019.  Although the show is no longer on the air, the restaurant business itself is still expanding.

Just two weeks ago, another Wahlburger's opened up in Key West, Florida. According to, they are delivering burgers with a new zero-emission deliverator vehicle.

Mark Wahlberg told Orlandoweekly:

“When the opportunity came for Walhburgers Key West to begin making zero-emission deliveries in the Deliverator, I jumped at the chance."

If you can't make it to a Wahlburger's to get their delicious Wahl-sauce and don't want to wait for it to get to our local grocer stores, I found a video of a "home-made" version you can try out!


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