Walmart, the world's largest retailer is expanding their checkout service in hopes that it will become faster for their millions of customers.

According to a USA Today report, the company started rolling out a program where Walmart employees will be allowed to check-out customers in the busiest departments throughout the store. Including, electronics and Lawn and Garden.

Basically, you will be able to use a digital map to find the item you're looking for, then buy that item right in the aisle where you find it. The Walmart associate will be able to swipe your credit/debit car and hand you a receipt. Which means, you'll be able to skip the long check-out lines.

Steve Bratspies, the chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S. says: 'We always want that to be...easy and fast and convenient for them,’’ he said about Walmart's customers in a call announcing Walmart's holiday plans.'

The new, speedier check-out service is expected to be in every Walmart location by early November.

Shoppers also won't have to wander in circles to find the sweater, gaming console, or smart speaker they're looking for. By early November, they can visit any Walmart location, click on the retailer's app, and pinpoint the location of whatever item they're needing to tick off their holiday list.

There are several Walmart locations throughout New Hampshire and New England.

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