Over the weekend, I was in Boston with some time to kill, so my friend and I were walking around the Boston Seaport just taking in the sights.  We saw that the Spirit of Boston was docked, but we could see many people working on the ship.  We also smelled some amazing aromas, so we decided to ask permission to explore the ship.

We found someone who worked on the ship who gave us a nice tour and told us a few things about what we could expect if we decided to take a cruise.  He told us that there is a bar on every floor of the ship.  If there are super busy, they'll open up the outdoor bars too!

Depending on what type of cruise you are taking, they may have a DJ on board so you can dance the night away if your stomach can take it, that is.  Mine can not.  I love being on a ship, but I can't dance on one if it's moving.

The Spirit of Boston will hold about 600 people at full capacity.  All ages are welcome.  Also, if you are in a wheelchair, they can also accommodate you!  Certain cruises are probably more appropriate for particular age groups depending on who you are going with, but you can bring the whole family for a cruise of your choice and there are many.  Click here to see all of them. 


The ship has the most beautiful view of Boston Harbor.  If you want to see the whole city by water, this is a great way to do it.  Once it starts the voyage to the water, the view is spectacular.


The dining room serves amazing food, starting with shrimp cocktail.  They do have options for vegetarians as well.


The top deck holds about 150 people and the tour guide we had said you are 40 feet off the water, so the view is just amazing when you are up that high.


There is someone waiting on you the whole time.  No matter what you want, there is a friendly staff waiting to help you, no matter if you want food, drink, or a bathroom, they are there to help.  Super friendly!


Bon Voyage!  Have a great time!

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