Finding new places to eat is always an adventure.  I love finding something different, whether it’s a delicious new appetizer or just a really cool atmosphere.  Barrio’s in Portsmouth is launching something new that sounds kind of amazing.  It’s called Barrio’s Bubbles and it’s a way to enjoy dining on the deck even in the winter months.

Front of House Manager Abby Jackson tells that the taco eatery launched their new idea on Sunday.  So what are Barrio’s Bubbles?   They’re a pair of transparent round domes that encase the restaurants decking.   This allows diners to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, all while enjoying the heated igloos at a balmy 70 degrees.

Jackson says that she saw a story about the plastic igloos popping up at restaurants around the country and diners paying a premium to enjoy them.   After doing her research, owner Maggie Osborn tells that “they had to have them.”

The Barrio’s Bubbles allow for about 10 people inside, with space heaters keeping everything toasty inside.  There are windows that can be unzipped to keep the air circulating and a zippered open and close “doorway” for waitstaff and customers to come in and out.  There are even electric light strips on the interior that can change colors depending on the mood.

Jackson tells that the bubbles allow the restaurant to use the deck for an extra few months in the winter.    So, if this sounds as cool to you as it does to me, you can make a reservation for you and 9 of your closest friends.  There is a $200 food and beverage minimum but getting to dine outdoors in March (inside an igloo!) seems well worth it.

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