Only in New England. West Springfield, Mass had their hands full with an unusual traffic situation Tuesday afternoon according to When you sign up to be a police officer, you expect to see some strange things, but a bull on the loose of an interstate highway is not one of those things.

That’s just what West Springfield officers were faced with on Tuesday. A witness on the scene said the bull’s owner did not notice that the young bull had fallen off the trailer until they were in Deerfield. That’s about 34 miles away from where the bull hit the highway.

According to, It is unknown if the bull was injured at this time. Kudos to the West Springfield officers that turned from police officers to traffic directors to matadors. Somehow the owner of the bull was tracked down and the situation came under control when a trailer with Maine license plates arrived on the scene. So the next time you are stuck in traffic, don’t count out that it might be a bull on the loose.


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