Perhaps you have heard me talk about my infatuation with pigs before. Ever since the movie "Babe" came out when I was a little girl, I became a big pig enthusiast. I started collecting pig stuffed animals and beanie babies (which my mom took the liberty of donating when they sold my childhood home. It's cool, I'm not bitter) And whenever we would visit farms I would beg to see the pigs! I love to watch them run around their pen, especially the babies. Here is a pig named Gertie that I bonded with on a farm in Vermont a few years ago. She was a nice lady.

Amelia Gardner posted this video to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page.  I loved it so much I probably watched it 19 times. Watching those little piglets run around without a care in the world just gave me a warm and fuzzy sensation in my heart:

These oinkers are residents at Farmsteads of New England in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. A lot of people were asking in the comments if the farm allows visitors because they wanted to meet this sweet family in person. Amelia responded that their farm stand opens the first week in April and visitors are more than welcome!

I started following Farmsteads of New England on Facebook and learned that they do some amazing things. They provide supportive day and residential services in a farm environment to adults with developmental disabilities. The resident farmers are able to feel a sense of personal growth and confidence after fulfilling their duties for the day! What an awesome idea. Learn more about their mission and services on their website!

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