If you missed Bob Marley's 'Crona Watch 2020' streaming special on New Years Eve, here comes more laughs form Maine's King of Comedy. He has truly been an essential worker through 2020 and continues to be.

With everything from hilarious weekly check-ins on Facebook video to live performances at the drive-in, Uncle Bobby has helped give his fans a welcome distraction during the ongoing pandemic.

If laughter truly is the best medicine, then this great Maine treasure of a man is just the guy to deliver the therapy.

And now the pride of Deering High School (Class of '85 or sumpin') strikes again with a random act of comic kindness. He just made his 2019 Amazon comedy special, Bob Marley Live available for FREE. Yessssss Dooood!

The hour-long performance was recorded with a wicked big crowd in Salisbury, Massachusetts...which is good because they have a similah sense a humah down theah.

Alrighty, bub.  Let's get this suckah casted from the phone to the smaht TV!

Thanks again, Bob. You have been an amazing bringer of zany joy in all this madness.

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