John Legend in Boston

You may know this first-hand if you went, but John Legend performed live in Boston last night at the Orpheum Theatre (and, per usual, crushed it). And like most people when they visit a city for work, he took time out beforehand to check the area out and visit some of his favorite places.

On what could be considered one of the most perfect fall days of the season so far, just hours before his show, John was seen cruising around the city taking in the sights, but it was his stop at Faneuil Hall that became the talk of his trip.

Busking in Boston

Boston is one of the most popular places to busk, whether it's outside of Fenway, in front of the Garden, underground on a platform of the T, there are plenty of spots where you'll find passionate musicians showing off their talent in the city. That's exactly what happened to Radha while she busked in Faneuil Hall at the same time John was checking out the area.

Radha usually sings John's song, "All of Me," during her set. It's not known whether this was impeccable timing by the universe or if Radha caught sight of John and decided to shoot her shot, but regardless, John paused dead in his tracks while Radha started serenading him with his own song.

And she crushed it.

Look at the smile on his face. Can you imagine being Radha? Sitting there singing a superstar's own song to him 20 feet away from where you're sitting? And on top of that, even if his gaze is broken for a second to pay attention to his children, being met back with the biggest smile by him when he refocuses his attention?

And the cherry on top? Not only did John stay for her whole performance of the song and applaud her after, but like the classy guy he is -- HE TIPPED HER.

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