Some people are dog people, some people are cat people, but no matter the kind of person you are, there's one solid concrete fact -- NOTHING beats video of an adorable animal.

Reddit user Dat_Innocent_Guy went after our heartstrings when deciding to post this A-DOR-ABLE video of a Maine Coon cat craving some love and attention -- to the point that the cat pretty much BEGGED to get a head scratch.

Maine coon begs for petting from r/aww

HOW CUTE IS THAT CAT?! Pretty much standing on its back legs and not even asking, but demanding attention with that sassy clapping. As the owner of this cat, how can you NOT pet the heck out of this cutie?

What are Maine Coon cats like?

According to Purina's Cat Breed library, Maine Coon cats tend to be super sweet and playful, which makes sense as to why that Maine Coon would do something so adorable and demand some love. Especially since they also tend to enjoy human companionship.

One Reddit commenter, NvNv_man, pointed out that the cat in the video seems pretty small for a Maine Coon, based on the fact that normally we think of Maine Coon cats to be gigantic fluff balls.

How big do Maine Coon cats get?

According to, male Maine Coon cats are usually always larger than females, with females checking in around 10-15 pounds, while males can end up weighing anywhere between 15-25 pounds. While there is some overlap in size difference, males are generally taller than females, with males averaging 10-16 inches tall and females ranging from 8-14 inches tall. Both are generally the same length, though, checking in around 40 inches long.

Dat_Innocent_Guy via Reddit
Dat_Innocent_Guy via Reddit

How long do Maine Coon cats live?

Obviously, if you're considering getting a pet, you'd hope for longevity of life. No one wants to get a pet (especially when children are involved) that you spark an emotional connection with, only to have it pass quickly. According to, that's not really a worry with Maine Coon cats, as they can live anywhere between 10-15 years, and in some cases, even well-beyond 15!

And how could you NOT want 10-15+ years of cuteness like that Maine Coon in that video?!

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