Have you seen this viral video of the Mama bear trying to get her cubs from one side of the road to the other in Winchester, New Hampshire?

I think every mom out there can relate to the mama bear trying to ferry her four cubs across the busy road. Thankfully, this is in New Hampshire and we love our bears, so all traffic stopped to watch nature at its best.

As soon as mama bear gets two across the road and goes back to get the other two, the two she originally placed on the other side of the road follow her back, according to the video on unofficalnetworks.com.

Having a few kids myself, I can tell you that I feel her struggle.  I had tried to get them out of a birthday party once when they were little, and it was crazy, as soon as I got one in the car seat the other kid would bolt out the car door.

These adorable baby bears are worth watching.  Personally, I would have sat in my car all day to watch the show.

It’s hard to believe that something so cute and fuzzy can grow up and kill you.  Thanks to Robin Covelli for her quick thinking in taking the video that's on unofficialnetworks.com.  It really made my day.

I would love to see this from my car but not on a hike.  Bears are terrifying up close but the view from a car window is so cute.  It makes you want to help her and it looks like some police car pulls up at the end of the video so I assume there is a happy ending.




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