Do you remember this viral video from last year. Bella' stole the show from Josh Judge by walking on set during his live weather report on WMUR! Here's the video that will make you smile all day long!

It was last May that a beautiful dog interrupted one of Meteorologists Josh Judge's live weather reports on WMUR. Luckily, Josh, who's been in the business many, many years is a pro and didn't let it bother him in the least! As a matter of fact, he had a great off-the-cuff remark. Because after all, it's live TV and you never know what's going to happen!

As for the dog...well, reporter and weekend anchor, Amy Coveno had apparently brought one of her babies, 'Bella' to the WMUR studios in Manchester for a segment she was working on but Josh didn't know that! I bet Amy wasn't expecting 'Bella' to make her television debut but it happened and it was adorable.

Watch the video, Josh keeps his cool and 'Bella' isn't phased in the least. I wonder if she had a chance to get to hair and makeup before going in front of the camera!

Good thing it wasn't raining 'cats and dogs!'

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