Week number two of the weight loss challenge is complete. While I didn't lose anymore weight...I'm still at just below 200 lbs...the good news is I didn't gain any weight. Which is a positive because it was one of those busy weeks where I missed a couple of trips to the gym. However, I stuck to the rest of my plan...portion control, watched eating too many carbs, and drank lots and lots of water.

Which brings me to another dieting tip I've picked up; eating when you're not really hungry. Oh sure, you may feel like you're hungry. But you might just be thirsty. So how do you tell the difference? According to livestrong.com, the physical signs of hunger include stomach contractions, gnawing, pains and aches. Your hands and feet may feel colder than the room you’re in. You also might feel tired, lightheaded, weak and empty.

Hunger is your body's way of telling you that you need fuel. When you're done eating, you should feel better...not stuffed or bloated. Many times we think we're hungry, but a glass of water is what we really need instead.

The other thing I'm really aware of these days is nighttime snacking...especially while binge watching my new favorite show on Amazon Prime; Bosch. That guy gets in so much trouble I could eat from the anxiety of waiting for what's coming next.

You really have to be choosy when snacking at night. It's probably the time of day you do the most mindless eating. Think about it...you worked all day, came home and made dinner, or took the kids to practice and grabbed something at the drive-thru. Then you came home, helped with homework, got everyone tucked into bed...and if you're lucky you get an hour to sit and just chill before collapsing in your own bed, just to to do it all over again tomorrow.

So while you sit there staring at the TV or your phone, it's easy to slip into "eating amnesia." Your hand goes in the bag and then straight to your mouth...over and over again until you reach in one more time...and it's suddenly empty. What just happened? C'mon admit it...it's happened to all of us at least once.

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Here's an idea...close down the kitchen! Just don't go in there after a certain hour. Or allow yourself a low-calorie snack. I found these Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars...and they're AWESOME. They're only 100 calories. And they come in a wide array of flavors.

If that's not your thing...just Google low-cal snacks, and I think you'll be shocked at all of the tasty things you'll find to snack on instead of cookies, chips, and ice cream.

Good luck on your weight loss. Remember...LOTS of water, only eat when you're really hungry, and watch snacking too late in the evening. If you have suggestions, advice, or questions for me...just send me a message on Facebook. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.




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