How would you react if this well known potato chip mascot magically appeared in your kitchen with terrifying giant eyes darting side to side?

For these four actors, being confronted by a giant anthropomorphic egg as it aggressively offers oil fried potato crisps, is a wonderful experience.

As much as I love the Scarborough Maine native Humpty Dumpty brand potato chips, I can't envision a more horrifying creature to find in my kitchen.

Back in the days when locally produced television commercials were much more common than they are now, (Do they even exist anymore?) you would see wonderfully amateurish performances such as this all the time.

A fully made up Mom deciding how to best pack her child's lunch, a health conscious jogger doing his laps in the salty snack aisle of the grocery store and a refined socialite trying to pair the perfect accompaniment to her canopies and fruit kabobs?

All of it, gold.

Believe or not, in the YouTube comments section, the daughter of the actress portraying the socialite is in awe that this video has garnered thousands of views.

In 1989, Humpty Dumpty was sold to Borden and is currently a subsidiary of Old Dutch Foods, a Minnesota based snack company.

Thankfully, Old Dutch has kept the label as well as the popular and strange flavors such as ketchup, all dressed and pickle flavored chips. Humpty Dumpty was decades ahead of their time with novelty flavors.

We can only hope that the mascot from this commercial is no longer in existence.

No matter where it may be, it shall live forever in my nightmares.

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