WMUR.com reports that Wellness kits are being prepared for tens of thousands of New Hampshire families. Groups such as the Department of Education, Department of Health, and Human Services along with the New Hampshire National Guard have designed and are putting the Wellness kits together.  The kits are being prepared with help from many volunteers.  Frank Edelbut, the Education Commissioner says, “It’s got our healthy habits flyer that we created for the pandemic about self-care and trying to find balance in the midst of turmoil that’s taking place in our communities these days.”

The bags will also include dental kits which were highly recommended by education and health officials advising the team with this idea.   The organizations are trying to give some aid to families and provide mental health information about our tough times.  Times are tough, but tough times don’t last, tough people, do.  One thing I learned about New England when I moved here was how strong New Hampshire residents are. This comes when families need a boost and information about mental health.  The news is filled with information about COVID-19 and social distancing, and masks and handwashing but the mental health toll this pandemic is taking on us is an aspect that I am glad is being addressed.

We talk too little about mental health in this country and the stigma surrounding those in need of assistance is high.  We need to address this issue head-on. WMUR.com says that the Wellness kits will be “distributed to 130 school districts across the state.”  The kits take about 3 days to put together and with our National Guard and an army of volunteers helping, this will be a bonus for many families.  Included with the kits will be a bag that allows families to safely dispose of unused medications.  It’s important to safely dispose of prescription drugs that are expired, or no longer used.  Stay strong New Hampshire.




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