Do remember the first time your parents let you stay home alone? Such liberating times! I didn't realize each state has laws that establish the minimum age a child must be to stay home alone.

In the state of NH there is no specific age requirement. In fact none of the New England states have one!

According to the NH Department of Health and Human services, experts suggest that the age of 10 is the youngest appropriate age to leave your children home alone. If you are considering leaving your child alone for the first time it is important to go over the following:

  • Make sure your child is aware of what to do in an emergency and who to call. This day in age so many of our kids have cell phones but in this case it could actually give  parents a sense of comfort to know their kids know how to reach them if they need to.
  • Review basic first aid and make sure they know where to find the first aid kit should they need it.
  • Set ground rules and establish what is allowed while you are not there; use of appliances, whether friends are allowed to visit, etc.

I wasn't left alone too often since I have a brother 5 years older than me that was expected to look after me. However, I remember the first time I was left alone we did a trial run where my mom just went to CVS down the street and was gone for maybe 20 minutes. We then worked our way to me being left alone for an hour and then fbeing able to stay home alone while my parents went out to dinner was the final step. Being left alone in the dark seemed like a bigger deal for some reason.

How old were you when you were first stayed home alone? Do you feel comfortable leaving your kids alone at the same age you were left alone? Why or why not?