The days are getting longer, but not yet long enough for cycling after work. The problem isn't where I live, but the commute to get there. I live 45 minutes away, and it's dark when I reach home. As a road cyclist, I'm not interested in riding after the sun has gone down.

When rolling out of work here in Dover, there's still a little daylight. In fact, after this afternoon's show, there's enough sunlight to get a good 30-40 minute ride in. It's not as long as I like to be out, but beggars can't be choosers. I've waited months for this Cadillac problem.

This being my first spring working in NH, I'm excited to borrow the Chevy line and "find new roads." Through Strava, and various internet searches, I've found a few routes close to the area which will work, but I'm looking for yours.

In a club? Have a favorite route? Tell me about it!




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