So I am a major bloody mary enthusiast. And the more fun stuff floating in my bloody, the better! I just had this masterpiece over the weekend with a pickle, shrimp, piece of bacon AND a blue cheese stuffed olive. It was practically a meal.

So I was showing this photo to our news director Don Briand and he told me about the funky bloodys that are available at the Loud Pipes Saloon in Somersworth.

At first glance this photo makes me feel bloody intimidated. But when I look a bit closer I see this is as more of an opportunity, a challenge. A chance for me to broaden my bloody horizons. This is so much more than a cocktail. It is a three egg, cheddar and bacon omelette, a deep fried sausage stuffed pancake, essentially an entire block of cheese and much much more.

The only logical next step is for me to head to Loud Pipes Saloon and try one of these bad Marys for myself. I will be sure to Facebook live the entire experience. STAY TUNED and may the bloodys be with you.

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