Today is March 1st and Dry February is a thing of my past. I am so glad I did it but now it is time for me to boot scoot and boogie over to Plaistow and check out this establishment that our WOKQ listeners voted as the BEST dive bar in New Hampshire.

I have never been to Crow's Nest Pub and Grill before and I have some big decisions ahead of me! What is the first drink I should order to break my dry February? Do they have a signature drink that they are known for? Awesome beers on tap? A wide selection of wines? Take the poll below and help a sister out!

Whatever beverage I decide on, I am going to need some delicious food to wash it down with so the Steak and Cheese Spring Rolls I saw on the menu are a must! Let me know if you have any suggestions in the "solids" department as well!

And don't worry, my sober driver/fiance Steven will make sure I get home safe and will be ready to chat with you all about my experience tomorrow morning on WOKQ :)

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