The 2019 NFL draft just wrapped up and me being a sports fan watched some of it. I got to be honest with you: I don't understand New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, I really don't.

He is the greatest coach EVER in the NFL period, no ands and ifs about it. He's been to three straight Super Bowls and won two. He has won six rings with the Patriots and been to eight Super Bowls.

Every time I see Belichick on TV he looks miserable. If you can't enjoy your success then what's the point?

As I'm watching the Pats on the clock, he looks so unhappy and then he calls the kid they drafted Arizona State receiver N’Keal Harry that he was gonna be a New England Patriot.

I think calling someone to tell them they lost a family member in a car accident might be more exciting. (OK, that might be a little harsh but you get the point.)

I know it's classic Bill Belichick, and that's just him.

I felt sorry for this kid getting that call. I would be like, "Dude, you are gonna be catching footballs from the greatest QB eva (as the locals would say around here)," and I would be like, "Are you ready? Let's go. Let's get fired up. Let's go win another Super Bowl."

I wonder what Bill Belichick is really like behind closed doors? Maybe if he wins another ring he'll loosen up a little.

What do you think?

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