A lot of us turn to Google for everyday questions. Whether it is confirming a fact or researching the correct way to do something, the answer to anything we want to know is now at our fingertips.

Centurylinkquote.com broke down what each state is Googling most frequently around Turkey day and the results were quite amusing. Especially for Northern New England!

I am right there with the state of New Hampshire who's most common Google search is "How do you cook a Turkey?" If that responsibility was left up to me, I would certainly be turning to Google for guidance.


Maine's results are a little more surprising. They ask the Google machine "What is Thanksgiving?" I imagine this is inquiring about the origin of the holiday. The same question is googled most frequently by 9 other states so you aren't the only curious state, Mainahs.

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Massachusetts Googles "NFL on Thanksgiving Day". They just want to know what games will be lulling them into their post-turkey nap. Respect.

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The breakdown for each state can be found here.