We have always been a fake Christmas tree family.

Now that we are living in New England, we can definitely start using the real stuff.

And if you’re like us, this weekend will be full of putting all that stuff away.

Every year, it’s such a hassle to put that fake tree back in the box. Plus I don’t like the texture of the fake needles. It creeps me out. Ha.

It would be better to just recycle the tree.

FYI, it turns out that not all waste management programs pick up trees. Call first just in case.

I called and was told that some cities do pick them up and some don’t.

You can check for contact information here. If they do pick up then they will take to the dump. If you want to make sure you tree gets recycled, then click here and you’ll see a list that Pick Your Own Christmas Tree.org put together for towns in New Hampshire that will recycle and where to go.

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