You know how it goes. You’re fiddling around with your radio dial, looking for your favorite station, and next thing you know, you’re accidentally driving 161 miles per hour and leading a police chase right out of “The Blues Brothers.”

Maybe that was the plight of a man in an orange Corvette on I-93 on Sunday morning, as reported by WMUR.

And maybe he would’ve gotten away with it too, if he wasn't allegedly going faster than an Amtrak train in a pumpkin-colored car in broad daylight. But hey, at least he looks good in orange.

We can still learn a lesson from this. So with that in mind, here's what to say when you're caught driving 161mph through New Hampshire:

“It’s not like I was going 162 miles per hour!”

“Are you a mean cop or that friendly, donut-making cop?”

“It’s not my fault – Blink’s gave me sugar and cinnamon!”

“I’m late for my appointment at Leather and Lace (to see Sugar and Cinnamon)!”

“Gas is four bucks a gallon and Red Bull comes in bulk – you do the math.”

“I wanted to grab the best seats possible to see Jon Rineman at The Music Hall Lounge August 17!”

“Am I in trouble for not having fireworks in my trunk?”

“Bernie Sanders showed up in a lab coat and told me to floor it to take us back to 2020.”

“Why’s it have to be ‘Live Free OR Die’?”

And the most effective thing to say when you're caught driving 161 miles per hour through New Hampshire...

“Wanted to get the hell out after they ran my a-- out of Gunstock."

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