There I was, driving down the road between the center of town and the outer parts of Ipswich, Massachusetts, not far from the Ipswich Country Club, where animals abound.

I was flying down the street when I noticed the red car ahead of me at a dead stop.

Then I saw why, so I also slowed to a halt.  Then the march began. Slowly, ever so slowly sauntering across the street in no particular hurry were turkeys, unaware there were cars lining up very quickly behind me.

It looked like about 10 or 12 jakes (adolescent male turkeys) crossing the street, but it was hard to tell, especially since I wasn't the first car in the halted line of vehicles.

Ginny Rogers
Ginny Rogers

This parade took at least 90 seconds, maybe closer to two minutes.  When I tell you they were slow and strolling across one at a time, it's the truth.  I swear these turkeys knew they were putting on a spectacle, and made it last a little longer by taking their sweet old time.

I know nothing about wild turkeys, let alone adolescent turkeys, but I do know they're all over our town and are not skittish around people at all.

Then I heard a horn blow behind me, and another, and another.  Can't these people in cars see there is wildlife crossing the road?   Did they not see that the strutting jakes have control of the situation without a care in the world?

Wait a minute, what's so important you can't take 90 seconds to realize it you are not in control and it will end when it ends, and not before?  More importantly, your fellow drivers can't move until the turkeys are done with their procession.

Perhaps the next hot sticker for your car should read, "I brake for jakes".  Peace out.

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