Why Would a Tortoise Need A Wheelchair?

Why would a tortoise need a wheelchair?  Very good question.  Recently, a tortoise named George Bailey was rescued from an exotic animal farm in Tennesee, according to wmur.com.

Poor George was born with a condition that did not allow his bones to form correctly and left him unable to use his back legs, the news station reported, and the poor thing was really stuck and unable to move.

Since tortoises can live up to over a hundred years, it was important that he be able to get around.  Imagine being stuck in one place for 90 years.  Terrifying.

New Hampshire Company Steps Up

New Hampshire company Walkin’ Pets, located in Amherst, came to George’s rescue and built him a custom wheelchair, according to WMUR.  Walkin’ Pets has been designing wheelchairs and harnesses for dogs and other pets such as cats for quite some time.

They are devoted to ensuring a quality of life for elderly and disabled pets, the news station reported.

How is George Managing Now?

Per a news release reported by WMUR.com, George’s new owner Jaime Loebener says “George’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is amazing!  I put George on it, and he is able to move around.”

George weighs around 70 pounds now and could get as big as 200 pounds over the next 90 years, the news station stated.

I’m so happy a solution was found to keep him up and moving around even if he isn’t going to win any races.  You never know.



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