Faulty electronics to blame in temperature reading at one New Hampshire shopping center.

In the days leading up to winter solstice, a cold snap has made its way through the Granite State. This morning was coooold. Sit in your car while fueling cold. However, it's not like we're dealing with temperatures you'd experience on a different planet. Last week, a thermometer on the sign of the Raymond Shopping Center read NEGATIVE 76. Alarmed passers-by need not to worry, it was a glitch in the system. According to the Union Leader, the inaccurate reading appears to be the result of a broken thermometer inside the sign, according to Kathy Franson, the office manager for shopping center owner Vernet Properties. While franson was reportedly going to remove the reading until the sign can be fixed, it will look really out of place once temperatures rise to the lower 50's by the end of the week, when a round of heavy rain arrives, according to WMUR News 9.



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