Why didn't I think of this, because it's absolutely genius. A Massachusetts man has come up with an idea to turn all this snow into dollar signs.Kyle Waring of Manchester-By-The-Sea (MA) decided to to make a profit from all the snow that has fallen in the last month.

He packed the snow from his front yard in 16 ounce water bottles and started shipping it to warmer climates. His website shipsnowyo.com allows people, usually in warmer climates, to purchase different packages of snow.

At first he was densely packaging snow in 16.9 ounce water bottles and shipping them but they were melting before arriving at his destination.

He has since revised his packing method and is now selling 12-by-12 styrofoam containers packed with 6 lbs of snow for $89 (yes, that says $89!)

Customers who are looking for a cheaper option can purchase a 16.9 ounce water bottle for $19.99.  It arrives at any destination in the US in 20 hours or less packed in dry ice.

Waring tells boston.com that he is considering expanding this concept into other seasons and right now is considering a "Fall Foliage" package.

Now if someone could just bottle the Florida sunshine and ship it to NH I'd be all set.