So when you're heading upta camp on the weekend in Maine and you really want to bring your ATV but your friend with the truck is busy, what are you going to do? Well, you could attempt to do what THIS person did.

Shared on Facebook by Gary Getchell, someone in Maine decided they were getting their ATV to their destination one way or another. Forget a trailer or a buddy's truck, just pull that bad Larry up on the roof of the ol' Honda Civic and strap her down kid. And sure, you may be going through an area where there's stop-and-go traffic right by Red's Eats in Wiscasset, but you really locked her in good, so no worries. Think this is an isolated incident? Think again.

Shared on Facebook by Ross Gilchrist, someone else decided to haul their ATV in similar fashion through the streets of Augusta over the weekend. When you have true Mainer ingenuity, who needs proper hauling implements. Although, things would probably be a whole lot easier for both of these people if they just invested in a truck or a hitch and trailer. Just saying.

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