We all want to feel safe in the city or town we live in.  Feeling safe is intrinsic to feeling happy about your surroundings, community, and safe vibe.

This begs the question: where are the safest cities in America, specifically in our part of the country, New England?

The six New England states are famous for quaint towns and villages in picturesque locations, but there are cities. When you think of cities, you usually think of crime, but these cities in New England are actually the safest, according to Safewise.com.

Safewise shoots out excellent reports annually, designed to help communities stay safe or become safer. Crime rates in the survey are calculated by FBI crime data.

Bastian Pudill via unsplash.com
Bastian Pudill via unsplash.com

Here's what the company had to say about the safest city in each New England state.


The safest city in Connecticut is Ridgefield, with a low violent crime and property crime rate. In fact, Connecticut was one of sixteen states which saw violent crime and property crime rates go down year after year. However, it still has the highest property crime rate in New England. The population is 25,000.


On the border of Maine and New Hampshire lies the lovely city of Eliot, Maine. With only 7,200 residents, the violent crime rate stayed level, but there were zero reports of murders.  Property crimes went down slightly in Eliot, and most residents of Maine are not concerned with gun violence, and 43% carry a firearm for protection.


With a population of just under 14,000, Wayland is the safest city in Massachusetts. This Boston suburb had 0% violent crimes and property crimes in the past year, which is remarkable. Massachusetts ranks the lowest in property crimes in the country.  Pepper spray is the most common form of personal protection in the Bay State.

New Hampshire

For the second year in a row, the Granite State's safest city this year is Atkinson, with a population of 7,300. With a violent crime rate of 0% for the past three years and property crimes declining dramatically, Atkinson is a relatively quiet town.  Crime rates in New Hampshire continue to decline every year, but package thefts are higher than the national average.


While crime increased from 20% to 33% this year, Vermont's overall safety is one of the lowest in the country, especially in the safest city in the Green Mountain State, Hinesburg. With a population of just over 4,500, Hinesburg saw no violent crimes in the past year, and a substantial decrease in property crime, claiming the safest city for the second year in a row.

We are fortunate to live in one of the safest regions of the country, but there's always room for improvement.  Plan for packages to arrive in a safe place at your home, keep your surroundings well-lit, and invest in a home security camera or system if you feel you need it.

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